Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starion Rewards?
Starion Rewards is a customers only program. As a customer, you can get exclusive savings on everything from shopping at your favorite retail outlets, to saving at your favorite local restaurant. 

How do I become a customer?
Unless you have been invited to be a customer of Starion Rewards, you, unfortunately, cannot join. Starion Rewards is an invitation-only savings club.

What is the benefit of being a customer of Starion Rewards?
As a customer, you get exclusive access to savings in every area of your life. Because this is a customer’s only program, Starion Rewards is able to give discounts and savings that would be impossible to give to the general public. With Starion Rewards, you are getting the latest and greatest discounts possible. 

What can I save on with Starion Rewards?
The real question is: What can't you save on with Starion Rewards? Our customers can save on groceries, dining out, travel, shopping, eBooks, Health and Wellness Products, and much more! Your savings are endless!

Can I share the savings with my family?
Yes! You can share the savings of your account with your immediate family.

Is there a limit to how much I can save?
No! You can save as much as you want! In fact, we want you to save as much as you possibly can!

Do I need to be a Starion Energy customer to enjoy these benefits?
Yes! The Starion Rewards Program is only for current paid Starion Energy customers. If you are no longer a Starion Energy customer, you will not be able to access the Starion Rewards benefits.

Is This a Points Program?/Can I Redeem Points?
Starion Rewards is not a reward points program. Starion Rewards is a free customer reward program, with twenty five different savings benefits, used as a customer reward. Starion Rewards is not a rewards points program. If you are looking to redeem rewards points, you should contact the sponsor of your rewards points program so that they can provide you with the correct website address to redeem your points.